Vintage Vanity Compacts & Cigarette Cases
Rex Fifth Ave. Carry-All Compact 1946

Marching Band Enamel Compact By Volupte


Designer - Volupte   Square goldtone compact Enamel marching band motif on face Engraved "Ginger" on the front   Mirror has some wear

Enamel Palm Tree Compact By Nor-Blu


Designer - Nor-Blu of Miami   Round goldtone compact Enamel painted palm trees on face Signed puff     3.5" across

Art Nouveau Square Goldtone Cherub Compact


Square goldtone compact Detailed cherub and fish design on the face Original puff   3.5" across

Bakelite Compact By Rex


Designer - Rex   Square goldtone compact Attached Bakelite piece on lid Signed puff   3" across

Evening In Paris Compact By Bourjois


Designer - Bourjois "Evening in Paris"   Silvertone compact Engraved lid and painted enamel Attached lipstick case   2.25W x 3.25T

Scottie Dog Brown Leather Compact

Out of stock

Round leather compact Tooled leather Scottie Dogs Original puff   3" across

Cream Butterfly Compact By Lucretia Vanderbilt


Designer - Lucretia Vanderbilt   Round goldtone compact Creme enamel Signed on the side Powder remains   Slight wear to back of enamel 2" across

Goldtone Rhinestone Compact By Volupte


Designer - Volupte   Square goldtone ribbed compact Rhinestone cluster on lid Signed puff   Unused 3" across

Black Enamel Rhinestone Cigarette Case By Filwilk


Designer - Filwilk   Rectangle cigarette case Black enamel Encrusted cluster rhinestones on face Engraved "Bess" on the back   3.25W x 5T

Goldtone Ribbed Compact


Square goldtone ribbed compact Original puff   Unused 2.5 across

Goldtone Floral Compact By Stratton


Designer - Stratton   Round goldtone compact Etched floral motif England Original puff   Unused 3" across

Black Leather Book Compact By Volupte

Out of stock

Designer - Volupte   Leather book style compact No puff   3W x 3.25T

Ornate Mesh Compact By Evans

Out of stock

Designer- Evans   Goldtone mesh compact Needle point detail on the lid Ornate detail Mesh pouch base   2.75" across

Poodle Compact & Lighter Set By Evans

Out of stock

Designer -Evans   Goldetone round compact Square lighter Enamel poodle motif   Compact enamel has some wear

Bakelite Mirrored Compact By Rho-Jan


Designer - Rho-Jan   Square goldtone compact Affixed plate mirror with Bakelite trim Signed puff and mesh cover   3.5" across

Green Jeweled Enamel Lipstick Case


Rectangle silvertone lipstick case Green enamel and faux green jewels   3w x 1T x 1D

Green Enamel Guilloche Compact

Out of stock

Rectangle silvertone compact green enamel and gullioche (both sides) No powder or puff   1.75W x 2.75T

Memory Of Japan & Korea Cigarette Set


Memory of Japan & Korea Set   Cigarette case Lighter Enamel painted and chrome trim Original box   Unused Very light wear to lighter from shrink wrap

Aloha From Hawaii Carry-All Case By Ritz

Out of stock

Designer - Ritz "Aloha From Hawaii"   Goldtone carry-all Powder compact Lipstick case (empty) Cigarette case   Unused Mirror has age wear   3.5W x 2.5T

Etched Goldtone Carryall Case


Etched goldtone etched carry-all Powder Comb & cover Lipstick case (empty) Cigarette case Cloth slip case Original box   4.5W x 3T

Bond Street Compact By Yardley


Designer - Yardley "Bond Street"   Rectangle goldtone compact Enamel detail on face No puff

Tapestry Compact By Elgin American


Designer - Elgin American   Goldtone compact Tapestry on face Signed puff and rouge   2.5" across

Bejeweled Goldtone Compact By Rho-Jan


Designer - Rho-Jan   Square goldtone compact Colorful jewels mounted on face (3 missing) Signed puff   3.5" across

Blue Rhinestone Scottie Dog Compact


Round blue enamel compact Scottie Dog on face (enamel, marcasite, and jewels) Silvertone interior Baby blue feather puff   Good Condition Light fading to the face of enamel   4.75" across

Silvertone Egg Stone Compact By Dorset


Designer - Dorset Fifth Ave   Oval silvertone compact Mounted Italian glass egg stones and faux beads Signed puff Original powder   3.5"W x 2.5"

Pink Flamingos Compact By Rex


 Designer- Rex   Square goldtone case Attached Lucite plate Handpainted enamel pink flamingos Signed puff   Mirror has some wear 3.75" x 3.75"

Stars & Rhinestones Cigarette Case


Goldtone rectangle cigarette case Enamel and rhinestones   3.5T x 1.5W x .5D

Silvertone Decorated Lady Compact


Square silvertone compact Ornated decorted face on the lid 2 interior mirrors   Edges has some wear 3.25" across

Bakelite Souvenir Compact By Riga

Out of stock

Designer - Riga   Bakelite compact Souvenir from Russia Signed puff   3" across

Rhinestone Carry-All Compact By Volupte


Designer - Volupte   Goldtone Carry-All Compact Encrusted rhinestones clusters Slipcase purse   5.5W x 3T

Victorian Engraved Wood Hand Mirror


Round wooden hand mirror Victorian engraving of woman Beveled mirror   Mirror has wear 4.5W x 7.5T

Art Deco Lady Compact By Stratton


Designer - Stratton   Round gold tone compact Art deco painted enamel woman of face   3.25" across