Vintage Scented Bath Soaps
No 4711 White Rose Glycerine Soap By Muelhens  1916

Fougere Royale Shaving Soap By Houbigant

Out of stock

Fougere Royale Shaving Soap Houbigant 2 1/8 oz Unused Circa 1930's  

Zen Bath Salts By Shiseido


Zen Bath Salts Shiseido 5.5” tall Full  

Woman Cologne Creme Soap By Jovan


Woman Cologne Concentrate Creme Soap Jovan 100g Unused

Tea Rose Luxury Soap By Ben Rickert

Out of stock

Tea Rose Luxury Soap - 3 Ben Rickert 9 oz - set

Tabu Cake Soap By Dana


Tabu Cake Soaps - 2 Dana Unused

Cardin Trois Savons By Pierre Cardin


Cardin Soap - 3 Pierre Cardin 110g - set Unused

Musk Monsieur Soap-On-A-Roap By Houbigant


Musk For Men Soap-On-A-Roap Houbigant 6 oz Unused

"In the Rough" Golf Tee Soap Set By MEM


In the Rough Golf Set MEM Molded Soaps  Unused

Wrisley Soap Chest


4 Soaps 4W x 2.5T   4 Soaps 2.5W x 2T   Set is unused

Albacri de Soisel Savon De Toilette


Albacri Fragranced Soap 5.25 oz Unused

Americe Soaps By Marshall Field & Company


Americe Cold Cream Hand Soaps - 6 Marshall Fields & Company 3.5 oz each Unused

Deja Vu Soap On A Rope


Deja Vu Soap On A Roap 7.5 oz Unused

Devin Country Soap By Aramis

Out of stock

Devin Country Soap Aramis Sealed

Estee Perfumed Soap By Estee Lauder


Estee Perfumed Soap Estee Lauder 3.5 oz Sealed

Farouche Soap By Nina Ricci


Farouche Soap Nina Ricci Unused

Guardsmans Soap By Marshall Field & Company

Out of stock

Guardsmans Cake Soaps - 3 Marshall Fields & Company 3.79 oz each  Unused 

L'Air du Temps Parfum Soap By Nina Ricci

Out of stock

L'air du Temps Parfum Soap Nina Ricci Unused

Rosewater Soap By Marshall Field & Company

Out of stock

Rosewater Glycerine Soap - 6 Marshall Field & Company 3.25 oz Unused

Maja & Lavanda Soaps By Myrurgia


Lavanda (2) Maja (1) Soap Myrurgia Sealed

American Seascapes Soaps By Ben Rickert

Out of stock

American Seascapes Soap Ben Rickert 11 oz Unused

Jungle Gardenia Soap Set By Tuvaché

Out of stock

Jungle Gardenia Soap Tuvaché 3 Bars - 3.0 oz each

Carnation Soap Set By Lucien Lelong


Carnation Soaps Lucien Lelong 3 Bar Soaps Unused

Sing Deodorant Soap By Purex


Sing Deodorant Soap Purex 3.5 oz. Sealed

Flowers-in-the-Snow Soap Set By Dana


Flowers-in-the-Snow Dana Perfumes   Roses Carnations Gardenias Jasmine   5.4 oz Unused

4711 Eau De Cologne Creme Soap

Out of stock

4711 Cologne Soap Wasser 3.4 oz Unused

Aphrodisia Soap By Faberge


Aphrodisia  Soap Faberge Sealed

Garden Lily’s Soap By Victoria’s Secret


Lily’s Isle Soap Victoria’s Secret 3.5 oz Unused

Yendi Bar Soap By Capucci


Yendi Soap Capucci 110 gr. Sealed

English Leather Soap On A Roap By MEM


English Leather Soap MEM Unused

j’ai Osé Soap By Guy Laroche


j’ai Osé  Soap Guy Laroche 3.5 oz Sealed

Royal Copenhagen Soap


Royal Copenhagen Soap Sealed

KL Homme Soap By Lagerfeld


KL Homme Soap  Lagerfeld 1.75 oz Sealed