Antique Perfume & Apothecary Bottles
Mellier's Perfume 1890

Sabino Nude Opalescent Glass Perfume Bottle

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This nude nymph figural opalescent crystal glass perfume bottle is from Sabino.  Bottle is made in France and stands 6.25” tall.  Bottle is signed Sabino on base.  

Harrison Perfumer Apothecary Bottle


Harrison Perfumer Apothecary Bottle New York 8.5" tall Empty Circa 1900's

Snuff Thumbprint Decanter By Schiaparelli


Snuff  Cologne Elsa Schiaparelli Crystal Decanter 16 fl. oz 8.5" tall Empty

Trailing Arbutus Perfume Bottle By Mellier

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Trailing Arbutus Perfume Mellier Frosted Stopper 6" tall Empty

Au Carnaval de Venise French Decanter


Au Carnaval de Venise Perfume Decanter Paris France 8.75" tall Empty

Lavender Toilet Water Bottle By Lazell


Lavender Toilet Water Lazell Stands 6.25" tall Traces of fragrance remain Circa 1890

Turkish Rose Perfume Bottle By Vaultines


Turkish Rose Perfume Vaultines 16 fl. oz 7.75" tall Empty Stopper base is sliced

Flowers Of Beauty Bottle By Boyer Parfumer


Flowers of Beauty Parfum Boyer - The Society Parfumer 7.25" tall Empty

Melodie Perfume Apothecary Bottle By Mellier


Melodie Perfume Mellier Frosted Stopper 7.75" tall Empty Circa 1900's

Lilac Imperial Perfume Bottle By Colgate & Co.


Lilac Imperial Colgate & Co. Perfumers 7.75" tall Empty Circa 1921

Bouquet Violet Baccarat Bottle By Barnese


Bouquet Violet Perfume Farnese  Baccarat Bottle (acid etched Baccarat on base) 2 small flea bites (one on base and one on the rear) 7.25" tall Empty Circa 1904

Lily of the Valley Perfume Bottle By Mellier

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Lily of the Valley Perfume Mellier 7.25" tall Empty Circa 1900's 

Narcissus Toilet Water Bottle By The Bacorn Company


Narcissus Toilet Water The Bacorn Company Perfumers 6" tall Empty

Jockey Club Perfume Bottle By Melliers

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Jockey Club Mellier Frosted Stopper (small nic on side) 7.25" tall Empty Circa 1900's

Eclat Apothecary Bottle By Colgate & Co.


Eclat Apothecary Bottle Colgate & Co. 7" tall Empty

Ideal Perfume Bottle By Rieger


Ideal Perfume  Rieger Frozen Stopper 6.75" tall Contents- Dried Flowers Circa 1900's 

Beau K Perfume Bottle By Armand


Beau K Perfume Bottle Armand Frosted Stopper 6" tall Empty Circa 1927

Lilac Spray Perfume Bottle By Mellier

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Lilac Spray Perfume Mellier Frosted Molded Stopper (couple of chips on base) 9 fl. oz Empty  Circa 1900 

Mem'ry Perfume Bottle By Gordon Gordon


Mem'ry Perfume Gordon Gordon (Chicago) Crystal Glass Faceted Stopper (3 flea bites on top, nics on the base) 4.75" tall Empty Circa 1918

Houbigant Eau De Toilette Apothecary Bottle


Houbigant  Eau De Toilette Houbigant Pressed Glass Stopper 6.25" tall

Mellier's Apothecary Bottle


Apothecary Bottle Mellier's Philadelphia /Saint Louis Perfumes Cork Stopper (has some wear) 8.5" tall

Imperial Crown Musk Bottle By Meyer Bros


Imperial Crown Triple Extract Musk Meyer Bros. & Co. 7.5" tall Empty Circa 1878 

Botu Freres French Rose Bottle By A. Vandergust


Botu Freres - French Rose Parfum  A. Vandergust Frosted Stopper 6.5" tall