I have traveled a great journey from the past to the present to get to this surreal place that I am in at this moment.  I have always known that my love for vintage would play a major role in my life. This is my story:


It started early for me...this "thing" I have with vintage. Every Sunday I would bury myself in my mother's bed and we would get lost in classic black and white movies. I was easily mesmerized by old Hollywood. There was so much to absorb in the world of yesteryear.  I found the women in classic films to be divine.  I loved their style, their walk and the way they spoke.  I  studied very closely the fashions and the accessories.  I even watched for what perfume bottles sat on their dressing table because I was curious what they smelled like. I was in awe of these women and Ionged to be a part of their world.  


Through the years I researched and studied most things that were old.  I felt that I belonged to the world of the past and each day I could feel myself being drawn in.  Then one night I had a dream that would forever change my life.  It was an exquisite, vivid dream in which I was in a room surrounded by all things vintage.  There were hundreds of stunning old handbags and even more rare perfume bottles.  They did not belong to me, but it was very clear that they would soon be mine. 


Night after night I continued to visit a world that was filled with vintage.  The dreams were so real that it was often hard for me to distinguish between my dream world and reality.  Through my dreams I was clearly being sent a message.  So the search began.  I would search high and low for the vintage treasures in my dreams and surprisingly I would find them. 


I know that this talent I have to link the present with the past is a gift.  A gift this extraordinary was meant to be shared with the world.  From this concept, in 2003 I created Quirky Finds. 


So that is my story.  I still have the dreams; I do not think that they will ever go away and I hope they never will.  I am still and will always be in love with vintage. I don't know where else the dreams and my love for vintage will take me but I am excited about what the future may hold. This has been an amazing journey thus far.  I get to do what I love while living out my dreams.  I must say it is pretty awesome!  


Rachal Prince

"Always in Love with Vintage"


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